The Top 150 Best Things about Retirement – with Dave Denniston

On this, the occasion of our 150th blog post, we would like to share with you, intrepid readers, our very own Top 150 List. (David Letterman, eat your heart out! And, by the way, how is your retirement going?)

Drumroll, please…


  1. Alarm clock on constant ‘snooze’
  2. Walking the dog twice a day
  3. No mandatory HR meetings
  4. Traveling across country
  5. Sitting around in your pajamas as long as you want
  6. Two-hour lunches
  7. Tennis at 10 a.m.
  8. Going to a concert on a weeknight
  9. Hanging with hipsters in coffee shops
  10. More time to spend with grandkids
  11. Traveling across Europe
  12. Volunteering with young people
  13. Going back to college
  14. Two-hour breakfasts
  15. Challenging yourself in unexpected ways
  16. No boss but you
  17. Going to the gym when it’s not crowded
  18. No mandatory health insurance meetings
  19. Movie matinees on weekdays
  20. Exploring new places to live
  21. Reading a book instead of the paper in the morning
  22. Learning a foreign language
  23. Fostering pets for the Humane Society
  24. Socializing with people you really like
  25. Taking a painting class
  26. Getting the best tee times
  27. Putting yourself out there
  28. Taking hours to cook dinner if you want to
  29. Stretching
  30. Hiking all the trails in your state
  31. Hawaii
  32. No Friday afternoon staff meetings
  33. Becoming fearless
  34. Mentoring start-up entrepreneurs
  35. Parties!
  36. More time with family
  37. Shopping at 11 a.m. on a Monday (don’t scoff; it’s bliss!)
  38. Experimenting
  39. Brushing up on your dance moves
  40. Taking more photographs
  41. Every day’s a “personal day”
  42. Home improvement
  43. Binge-watching your favorite shows with no guilt
  44. Mexico in February
  45. Spoiling your spouse rotten
  46. Getting spoiled in return
  47. Laughing
  48. Having no agenda
  49. Having a full agenda
  50. Getting healthier than you’ve ever been in your life
  51. Building a Habitat home
  52. No more dreading Mondays
  53. Getting in touch with your spiritual side
  54. No monthly reports to write
  55. Playing in the snow
  56. Frolicking in the leaves
  57. No more constant interruptions
  58. Opening up
  59. Naps
  60. Being spontaneous
  61. Every day’s a “casual day”
  62. Looking up old friends
  63. Planning winters away
  64. Being charitable
  65. Not watching the clock
  66. Teaching at the local university
  67. Getting involved in your church
  68. Not sitting at a desk all day
  69. Vacations with the whole family
  70. Making new friends
  71. 9 to 5? What’s that?
  72. Joining a book club
  73. Defining yourself in a new way
  74. Freedom from the pressure to perform
  75. Netflix
  76. Getting a wild hare and acting on it
  77. No office gossip
  78. Not having to drive in bad weather
  79. Staying up late with no worries
  80. Making intangible contributions
  81. Traveling in Asia
  82. Learning to play an instrument
  83. Meditating
  84. More time to spend in the garden
  85. Starting your own small business
  86. Picking up old hobbies
  87. Being flexible
  88. A much smaller email load
  89. Long hot baths in the middle of the day
  90. No guilt on sick days
  91. Climbing in Peru
  92. Kayaking in Chile
  93. Getting your Christmas shopping done early
  94. Less stress
  95. Turning the music up while you’re on the computer
  96. Satisfaction for a successful career completed
  97. Ski weekends in the middle of the week
  98. Writing your first novel
  99. Babysitting the neighbor kids (if that’s a good thing)
  100. Volunteering at the animal shelter
  101. Vegas whenever you want
  102. Not having to resort to fast food
  103. Driving for Meals on Wheels
  104. Getting political
  105. Expanding your mind
  106. Yoga classes
  107. De-cluttering your house
  108. Random acts of dancing
  109. No more vending machine coffee
  110. More sofa, less cubicle
  111. Playing
  112. Visiting every museum in town
  113. Running your first 5K
  114. Getting lost in the library
  115. Deadlines only of the self-imposed variety
  116. Fulfillment
  117. Not having to cram all your fun into the weekend
  118. Getting to know your spouse again
  119. Day trips
  120. Lectures at the university
  121. Scavenger hunts with the grandkids
  122. Appreciating art
  123. Learning about wine
  124. Relaxation
  125. Not having to pick up the phone
  126. Creativity you didn’t know you had
  127. Micro-management: A thing of the past
  128. Cruising in a motor home
  129. Downsizing
  130. Moving to the country
  131. Moving to the big city
  132. No rules
  133. Getting to know your neighbors again
  134. Walking to places because you’re in no hurry
  135. Getting into genealogy
  136. Working for your favorite cause
  137. Mentoring job seeker
  138. Heading to the beach just because you can
  139. Being there for family special occasions
  140. Dusting off the old bicycle
  141. Becoming a gym rat
  142. Taking chances
  143. Peace of mind
  144. No more annual reviews
  145. Cooking classes in France
  146. Getting out of your comfort zone
  147. Mingling with other singles
  148. Happy hour starts any time you want
  149. Picking up and going
  150. Living the dream!
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