Achieving real happiness in retirement

This Forbes article introduces us to the “new theory of well-being.” The five ingredients of what scientists call “authentic happiness” are: Positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

At Fit-To-Retire, this is what we mean by aspirational retirement planning. Designing your second act to check all the boxes above in the five areas of retirement success: Health and nutrition, self-identity, personal relationships, social and financial.

Why do we always list “financial” last, you ask? After all, our certified Fit-To-Retire coaches are financial advisors, first and foremost. Well, while having enough money is obviously critical for our clients’ sense of security, it can’t buy happiness, as the old saying goes. When clients are positively engaged in a retirement that offers meaning, accomplishment and connection, their money – and their time – is always well spent.

Eager to discover how happy YOU can be in retirement? Take our complimentary readiness assessment today and find out how prepared AND enthusiastic you are in the five areas of retirement success.

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