The survey says…. Health tops wealth!

This story in USA Today really hit home this morning, starting with this quote:

“People are quite enthusiastic about the chance of living a longer life, yet at the same time there is mounting worry about the cost of health care in retirement, and very few people have sat down and figured out what that will be,” says gerontologist Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave.

That’s exactly why our Fit-to-Retire assessment measures a client’s enthusiasm AND preparedness in each of the five areas of retirement success, including Health & Nutrition. It’s a great article and we encourage you to read it entirely, but the take-away is this:

Health tops wealth when it comes to a happy retirement, the survey found. Most retirees say having good health is the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, followed by financial security, having loving family/friends and having purpose.

Did we mention the other four areas of retirement success measured by our FTR assessment are Financial Security, Self-Identity, Personal Relationships and Social Life?

See how enthusiastic and prepared YOU are!  Take our assessment today.

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