Best places for ex-pat retirees

We’re still entertaining that dream of retiring abroad – at least, on a part-time basis –  but have no idea anymore where we should land. Our requirements are: Safety, affordable housing, ease of getting there, cultural stimulation, good roads, great food, American-friendly, and just nirvana-like, in general.  Is that too much to ask?

Not necessarily. The Street has come up with a short list of “off the radar” countries that check most, if not all, of our boxes. (Spoiler: Best surprise? Mexico is having a comeback.)

Sure, these lists seem a dime-a-dozen these days, but they do provide great opportunities for exploratory travel. As always, certified Fit-To-Retire coaches recommend clients spend 2-4 weeks in a place – at least twice and in different seasons (rainy season, anyone?) – before committing to more permanent living arrangements in a foreign country.

Bon voyage!





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