“The busier you are, the happier you’ll be.”

We weren’t surprised at the results of a new survey cited in Forbes which says men and women retire differently:

Women in retirement tend to spend time alone with personal interests such as reading or hobbies, connect with family, socialize with friends on a regular basis, volunteer and care for others.

Retired men are more likely to pursue their favorite sports, work part-time or stay otherwise engaged in aspects of the career they enjoy.

What we found interesting, though, was the number of activities recommended for a successful retirement, regardless of gender. Boredom, it seems, is a retirement killer. It’s what sends people into a funk, over the edge or… gasp…back to work!  These survey results indicate the magic number is between 5 and 9 activities.  We couldn’t agree more.


When our Fit-To-Retire clients complete their Readiness Assessment and Pre-Retirement Checklist, they receive a personalized Playbook containing a minimum of  8 suggested activities or two activities in each category: Self identity, Social, Health & Nutrition and Personal Relationships. What’s more, the Fit-To-Retire coach can offer local resources and professionals (think personal trainers, nutritionists, social clubs and volunteer opportunities) so the new retiree can hit the ground running….or walking… or riding her bike.

Can you think of 5 – 9 activities you’d like to pursue in retirement? Take our free Readiness Assessment now and get busy planning your next act!



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