Can your foresight be 20/20 in retirement?

This story by Robert Laura of Forbes may start with a tragic cautionary tale, but it offers a resounding moral at the end:

“…running out of money in retirement is nothing compared to running out of family, friends, & good health.”

Until we learn how to accurately predict the future (and we’re still looking for someone to teach us), our foresight can never be 20/20. But, by learning from others’ mistakes, practicing a little self-reflection and making changes in our priorities now, we can avoid many of the “shoulda- woulda-coulda’s” that haunt us in the razor-sharp focus of hindsight.

The Fit-To-Retire readiness assessment is designed to start pre-retirees down the road of reflection. By answering pointed questions about our health, personal relationships and more, we can see reality more clearly and make our future look even brighter.

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