Don’t just sit there!

Most baby boomers aren’t interested in whiling away their retirement hours in rocking chairs on the porch. And, although that old leather recliner in the den is super comfy, we don’t intend to wear it out in the next few years.  That’s great! Because evidence is mounting that sitting around all day is bad, bad, bad for you. How bad? Read this story from the Washington Post and weep…if you happen to be the sedentary type.

The good news is, the solution is easy. Stand up! Stand up for your right to be as healthy as possible. Invest in a standing desk. Stand up for the commercials when you’re watching TV at night. Park farther away from the grocery store. Take showers, not baths. (Well, that one might be a bit of a stretch. Besides, we love a warm bath.) But, you get the idea.

Health & Nutrition is one of five critical areas of retirement success, identified in fit-To-Retire’s exclusive Readiness Assessment. But, you need to be ‘fit’ in the other areas, too: Personal relationships, Self identity, Social and, of course, Financial. Are you ready in every way? Take our free assessment today and find out. 


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