Downsizing: Now or later?

Not everyone plans to give up their big house in retirement. In fact, U.S. News recently reported on the trend of baby boomers sizing-up to accommodate grandchildren, entertaining on a grand scale, etc.

But, the fact remains that about half of us will decide to seek smaller digs, for one reason or another… the big ones being to lower living expenses and free ourselves of yard work and other time-consuming chores.

If you are one of those people destined to downsize, the question becomes ‘when?’ Several pre-retirees we know are deciding to make the move now, while they’re still working. Their thinking: Why wait to save money and free up precious time? Other folks we know have started the search process – visiting open houses on weekends – to get a feel for what’s available and to be ready to pounce if that perfect smaller home comes on the market.

Bumping your moving date up a couple years makes sense, when you think about it. The transition of retirement PLUS a big move might be too much change all at once for some people. ┬áBut, it won’t be the right decision for everyone.

Whether you’re up- or down-sizing, talk to your Fit-To-Retire coach to explore all the options and choose the right decision for you. Having your ducks in a row before your last day on the job is what Fit-To-Retire is all about. Start the conversation by taking our free readiness assessment today.

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