Finding common ground in retirement

Let’s say you’re part of a couple who agrees with each other about sixty percent of the time on various issues.  (Think: the nightly TV viewing debate.) In fact, a study cited in this Forbes article found that 40% of couples don’t agree on how they want to spend their retirement years.  She wants to hike the Appalachian Trail; he wants to play the golf courses of Great Britain.  He wants to move closer to the beach; she wants to live closer to the grand kids. You can see how this could become a problem.  After all, separate vacations are all well and good….but separate retirements? Not so much. That’s where the Fit-To-Retire program can help. When each member of a partnership takes his or her own retirement readiness assessment, sharing the results with the other, as well as with their advisor, an honest conversation is started and compromises can begin to form.  The process can be very enlightening for couples as they realize how their partner’s priorities and concerns compare with their own.  The result? Two separate-but-equal retirement plans that successfully combine individual pursuits with quality “together time.”  And, you don’t have to fight over the remote!

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