Get a J.O.B. in retirement?

It sounds antithetical, if not anticlimactic. Working in retirement?!  Isn’t the whole point not to work, ever again?

Turns out, not so much anymore.

Retirees are returning to part-time work in droves citing a range of reasons including cash flow, curiosity, boredom relief, a love for people, or plain ol’ love of a paycheck…any paycheck.

True, that paycheck may be less than what you’re used to, but the benefits of staying engaged – even part-time – in the workplace are many:

  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • New social connections and personal relationships
  • Health insurance and other benefits, in some cases
  • Flex time, in many cases
  • Intellectual stimulation and continued learning
  • Opportunity to use your experience and life skills
  • Mentorship possibilities
  • Beneficial physical activity (keeping you off the couch)
  • A variety of experiences from day to day

So, what to do? For some, going back to a previous employer in a part-time or consulting role is the best possible scenario. For others, that’s not an option. This list of the “Top 10 Part Time Jobs to Get in Retirement” from Over 50 Living can jumpstart your brainstorming session.  When you get a few feasible ideas, call on your networking skills with business and personal contacts and start looking for leads.

In the meantime, you’ll still need a comprehensive plan for retirement. A part-time job may factor into your financial picture but a roadmap for retirement that checks the boxes in all important categories (Self Identity, Health and Nutrition, Personal Relationships, Social and Financial), ensures a much better chance for success.

Get started today! Take our complimentary 12-minute Readiness Assessment and see how prepared and enthusiastic you are to retire – with our without that part-time J.O.B.




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