Give yourself the gift of a well-planned retirement

Call us greedy, but we’ve never thought Santa’s list should be limited to the kids. After all, children have such short attention spans. They may spend an hour on Christmas morning fawning over new toy cars, dolls and candy canes. But by lunchtime, all they want to do is play “fort” in empty boxes.

We grown-ups are much more appreciative and, well, mature, aren’t we?

So, what if Santa brought new retirees gifts they could enjoy throughout their encore phase of life: Gym memberships, books for knowledge and inspiration, university enrollment, tickets for a family vacation, hiking maps, dancing shoes, Spanish lessons on disc, heart-healthy cooking classes, yoga mats, wine-making kits, mentoring opportunities, a shiny new bicycle (with helmet), paints and an easel, rock climbing gloves, heirloom artichoke seeds (hey, why not?), cross-country skis, EuroRail passes, a stand-up paddleboard, Alaskan cruise for two… and a partridge in a pear tree!

Think of your certified Fit-To-Retire coach as your personal liaison to Santa Claus. He may not be able to fill your stockings himself, but he’ll help you make a list, check it twice, and get everything you want from your retirement without breaking the bank.

Don’t know what you want from Santa, yet?

Take our complimentary readiness assessment to find out how prepared and enthusiastic you are about retirement in five critical categories: Self identity, Health & Nutrition, Personal relationships, Social, and Financial. The assessment will show you what strengths you can start building on and the areas in which you might need a little help.  From there, your coach can guide you through your customized, comprehensive Pre-Retirement Checklist and cheer you to the finish line.

Retirement really is the gift that keeps on giving, when you do it right. That’s what Fit-To-Retire is all about.

Happy holidays from our family to yours. Let’s make 2018 the year you get what you truly deserve.


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