Great minds don’t always think alike

That’s why we’re utilizing some of the best minds in the financial planning world to crowd-source retirement readiness strategies for Fit-to-Retire clients. Twice a day every day – this week and next – our marketing team is conducting what we call “Contributing Author” panels to brainstorm solutions for clients who may be ready to retire on some levels (financial and health, for example) but not others (i.e. self identify, personal relationships and social).  We’re gathering some of the wisest advisers in the business – experienced ‘in the trenches’ folks – to share insights and real-life stories of how they’ve helped ease a client’s transition into retirement. At the end of the two-week process, we’ll take the best solutions (and, so far, they’ve all been pretty darn good) and create an extensive resource library to assist licensed FTR advisers in creating a customized 100-Day playbook for each of their pre-retirement clients. Stay tuned for more Fit-to-Retire development news, as it happens, right here!

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