Have you set the date yet?

Here at Fit-To-Retire, it’s common for clients to begin the Readiness Roadmap process with no goal retirement date – no projected day, month, or even year! Most financial advisors offer one or two ways to narrow down the timeline. (Net worth and life expectancy calculators are two of the most popular.) But, a Certified Fit-To-Retire Coach knows that readiness goes well beyond the financial, as important as those considerations are.

Setting your retirement date involves being prepared AND enthusiastic about life after work in four additional categories: Health & Nutrition, Personal Relationships, Self-Identity and Social. You may be financially prepared to retire tomorrow, but you might need another year to figure out your purpose in retired life or drop those last 30 pounds to hit the ground running. (Or, at least, walking fast.)

Successful retirement planning involves a smart and strategic combination of bucket list dreams and realistic expectations. Your Fit-To-Retire Coach can help you find the balance.

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