In sickness, in health and in retirement

It really should be written into the marriage vows. Because if there’s anything that puts a relationship to the test, it’s retirement. Think about it. Week in, week out, you may spend a total of five hours a day with your partner: An hour in the morning before work, then four hours in the evening including dinner, bill paying and Netflix watching. Weekends are different, sure. But, even then, you may be running in different directions, trying to pack a lot of to-do’s and recreation into two precious days.

Suddenly, retirement arrives and you’re together 24/7. You look at each other, scratch your heads and ask “What the heck do we do now?” This story in Forbes has some good tips for couples facing this new level of togetherness. At Fit-To-Retire, we make a point to coach the couple AND each member of the couple individually to achieve the perfect balance for retirement success.  Some dreams you will want to pursue together. Other dreams, you’ll want to go after alone.  Both ways are okay. All dreams are doable with a  good deal of communication, realistic expectations and a healthy sense of humor.

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