It’s all about the list

It’s holiday time and many of us are obsessed with lists:  Wish lists, shopping lists, grocery lists, greeting card lists, invitation lists, to-do lists. Santa has the world’s longest list and we have a hard time believing he checks it only twice.  The importance of a good list cannot be overstated.  Lists keep us organized and on deadline, ensuring everything gets done and providing invaluable peace of mind, especially when we’re overwhelmed.  So it is with the Fit-to-Retire Pre-Retirement Checklist. Our licensed advisers have the ability to easily generate comprehensive, customized lists for their clients, providing the all-important “to-do”s for a successful transition in the five areas of retirement success: Self Identity, Personal Relationships, Health & Nutrition, Social and Financial. Things like “Have your estate plan refreshed,” “Let loved ones know where to find important documents,” or “Hire a personal trainer.” Retirement is a major life change that can become overwhelming if you don’t have your ducks in a row. ‘Think Santa got where he is today without a list? No way, Rudolph!

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