How to make gratitude last into retirement

As you take stock of your bountiful blessings this year, pay special attention to the categories into which those blessings fall: Good health and nutrition (gravy, mashed potatoes and pie notwithstanding), relationships with family and friends, a purpose for living and, yes, having enough money to live comfortably. Are you surprised to learn that those are the five categories of retirement success?

Fit-To-Retire’s 3-step program is designed to help you transition to retirement by honing in on your preparedness in five critical areas: Health, Self-Identity, Personal Relationships, Social and Financial. By determining what you need to work on via our online Readiness Assessment, your coach can help you create a Pre-Retirement Checklist (get a physical, schedule a cruise with the grandkids, join your alumni association, get that living will executed…) that will ease your mind long before your last day at work. When that finally day comes, your personalized Retirement Playbook will provide all kinds of suggested activities – from recreational to educational to philanthropic – for you to try right out of the gate. Think of it as the Big Book of Answers to the question: What next?

So, let’s project into the future: It’s your first Thanksgiving as a newly retired person. You are surrounded by family and friends, feeling good with a clean bill of health. The cruise is on the calendar for January and you’re looking forward to your class reunion next Spring. Thankful? You bet!

You might say the goal of each Fit-To-Retire coach is to ensure every client has the same blessings for which to be grateful every Thanksgiving — before AND after their last day on the job.

If you haven’t already, take our free readiness assessment and start counting your future blessings today!

Have a great holiday, everyone!

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