Making love last in retirement

Let’s be honest. One of the biggest questions couples face in retirement is: How will we get along with all that together time?  The concern is valid. Except for the “Moms” and “Pops” who have owned businesses  together, most couples are used to having eight hours a day or more, independent of the other, with their own friends, interests and activities. The idea of sharing space and time, all day every day, can be daunting… if not downright terrifying. That’s why we encourage our clients to be as honest as possible when taking the Fit-to-Retire assessment. Questions in the “Personal Relationships” section directly address this issue. Our experience has shown that clients who are honest about their misgivings tend to be more open to solutions and, therefore, to retirement success.  In the meantime, here’s a great story from the Wall Street Journal on how to keep your long-term relationship strong.

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