How not to flame out in retirement

Everybody has that one friend. The one who hits the ground running so hard and fast after retirement, they crash and burn before the year is out.

They have a plan, alright. And the plan is: Do everything and do it NOW!! First, it’s the trip to Europe, then it’s the daily volunteer gig at the food pantry. Don’t forget those church commitments and the mentoring sessions at Junior Achievement! Oh, and what would those poor little critters do without them down at the Humane Society?

They’ve always wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. That will happen in July. So, the art history classes and hot yoga lessons will have to wait until August. Of course, the grandkids will be coming to stay then and – wait! – they already promised to chair the class reunion committee starting that month!

Get the picture?

It’s just as possible to burn-out in retirement as it is while your’e working. All it takes is a little more imagination and determination.

Staying hyperactive is fine, IF that’s what you really want and IF you are prepared and enthusiastic about everything you’re doing. But, what does real preparation mean?

Take your health, for instance. If you’re not in top form, your chances of enjoying that hike up the PCT are slim. Maybe there’s some physical therapy you should have first. Or, perhaps a cardiovascular training program before you commit.

What about your personal relationships? If you are too strong and fast out of the gate, will your partner be able to keep up? Does he or she want the same things you do? Have you even discussed it?

And, have you really taken the time to consider what you want out of retirement besides a full day…. after day after day? Multi-tasking is all well and good. And, in fact, many retirees enjoy a slate full vastly different experiences. But, would you get more out of your retirement if you chose one or two pursuits you could really sink your teeth into?

These are all questions that will be prompted by the Fit-To-Retire readiness assessment, the tool that measures your preparedness and enthusiasm in five areas: Self Identity, Health & Nutrition, Social, Personal Relationships and Financial Security.  All are key to your retirement success.

Take our complimentary assessment today and find out how to light your fire without going up in flames.

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