“Pin” your retirement ideas

We loved this idea about using social media – particularly Pinterest – to visualize retirement.

How fun it would be to translate the Fit-To-Retire Playbook into a series of Pinterest boards with the five categories of retirement success we’ve identified: Self-Identity, Health & Nutrition, Social, Personal Relationships and Financial.

Pinterest, a modern way of scrapbooking digitally, can illustrate your goals, dreams and desires while keeping everything organized and at your fingertips. All it takes is a computer and the slightest bit of know-how. Who knows? You may even inspire other pre-retirees as they ‘pin’ your ideas to their own boards.

Whether or not you’re into pinning, per se, it’s a good idea to document your plans for retirement in some way, shape or form. It could be a list, a scrapbook, journal or blog. But, get those great ideas down now and you’ll never lack things to do when the big day comes.

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