Plan a trip for the ages.

Among the top “bucket list” items (we prefer #retirementgoals) shared with Fit-To-Retire coaches by their clients is the big, multi-generational vacation. Whether it’s a cruise, a trip to DisneyWorld, or a week on the beach, extended-family trips are trending up.

There are several considerations to take into account when planning an epic adventure with your entire clan. Respecting everyone’s wishes and budgets can seem overwhelming, but having a game plan before you begin the process can help.

Appoint an “organizer” (every family has one) who can collect input from all family units involved. Include location and accommodation suggestions, dates, and budget parameters. (Obviously, if you intend to cover everyone’s expenses, you can opt to call the shots.)

Travel time and expense is a big factor, especially if your family is spread out all over the country. Give special consideration to families with limited travel budgets, small children or physical limitations.

Once everyone has weighed in, you can hire a travel agent (do your research!) or assign the planning coordination to one family member. Whether or not you hire a pro, consider all-inclusive specialty trips to keep the planning details to a minimum.

If budget concerns are an issue, consider renting a big house or compound of smaller structures. Remember, not everyone will want the same type of accommodations. Some family members may prefer to camp while others are happier sharing a place with all the creature comforts. If there are lots of young grandchildren, consider grouping them together (along with their parents) and put the single and childless adults together.

To share the burden of planning, assign one day’s itinerary to each family leader. On their “day,” the respective family or individual would plan one or two structured activities (go-carting, river rafting, horseback riding) and the evening meal.

With communication and cooperation, a well-planned multi-generational vacation can be a highlight of your retirement and a lasting happy memory for the whole family.

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