Pre-retirement assignment: Try before you buy

You wouldn’t buy a new car without a test drive or two. And, so it makes sense to “test drive” that new lifestyle you dream of having in retirement.

Thinking of moving to new digs in a beach town or golf community? To be sure it’s a good fit, try it before you buy it. Hop on or and rent a place similar to the one you’re picturing in your mind. Live there for one or two months – and try going back in a different season – to be sure you and yours will be happy in your new community.

Thinking about buying an RV or boat? Again, trials avoid error. You may think you’ll love the freedom of hitting the road in a motel room on wheels or getting out on the water whenever you feel it. But RVs and boats come with new responsibilities and costs. Rent one for a week or more and get a reality check before writing a personal check with too many zeros.


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