The formula for retirement success

Mark Twain once said, “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

When it comes to retirement planning, he was only half right. Ignorance can be blissful in certain situations (parenting a teenager or walking down a dark alley, come to mind) but, when it comes to preparing for the next 30 years, you’re going to need knowledge and more than a passing interest.

That’s the reason our exclusive Fit-To-Retire Readiness Assessment measures both preparedness and enthusiasm in each of our five “retirement success” categories: Financial, Self Identity, Social, Health and Nutrition and Personal Relationships. As we’ve learned from countless clients, one without the other doesn’t add up to confidence.

Lack of confidence is the reason lots of baby boomers postpone their well-earned retirement. It’s why many new retirees wake up on that first Monday morning and ask themselves: ‘What on earth did I do?!?’

Confidence in retirement only comes with good planning. Financial first. Health and nutrition, self identity, social, and personal relationships, a close second. With a comprehensive, integrated plan in hand, you’ll walk taller into your next phase, prepared and enthusiastic about each step you’re about to take.


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