Optimize your well-being for retirement

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Well-being is a general term for the condition of an individual or group, for example their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state.

Those are all the qualities addressed in the Fit-to-Retire pre-retirement assessment.  (And you thought retirement preparation only had to do with your finances!)

If you have high well-being – that overall sense that things are positive –  you’re likely going to have a happy and productive retirement experience. But, if you’re well-being is low or just moderate for whatever reason, you may have some work to do to overcome that negativity and improve your “second act” of life.

This story in USA Today highlights a research paper on well-being and the transition to retirement. The take-away:  Gradual retirement may be better for your health and income but worse, perhaps, for your social life. But – and here’s the important part – “perceived control” boosts overall well-being.

In other words, get on top of it now for positive results later.

The article suggests four ways to improve the transition and take control: plan, maintain social contacts, ease into it, and stay healthy. At Fit-to-Retire, we take it a few steps further. Our certified Fit-To-Retire coaches are trained to help their clients plan their transition by suggesting specifically WHAT to do, HOW and WHEN to do it, and WHY it will help.  They can even provide the resources – think personal trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, social organizations, continuing education programs – to fill in the blanks. (And, of course, your customized retirement plan can be reviewed, updated and modified year after year, as your needs and wants change.)

With insight provided by the Fit-To-Retirement assessment and a team of professionals dedicated to your continued well-being, your chances for retirement success will skyrocket!

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