How to raise your Health & Nutrition score

Let’s say you’ve just taken the Fit-T0-Retire readiness assessment and received your scores. Your results show HIGH marks in Preparedness and Enthusiasm in four out of five categories: Financial, Personal Relationships, Self Identity and Social. Congratulations!

But, wait a minute. That Health & Nutrition score is LOW. What’s going on there? Could it be – like many of us – you’ve put that ‘lose weight and get active’ resolution on the back burner for too long? Not to worry. Retirement is ideal for getting back on the health and nutrition track. You’ll have the time and flexibility to join a gym, take exercise and cooking classes, or hike the local trails. AND, you’ll have plenty of incentives. Because good health and nutrition keep your health costs down, leaving you more to spend on travel, educational pursuits and spoiling those adorable grandkids.

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a short of list of ideas and resources to get you started:


Yoga Journal

Exercise and Fitness as You Age

Swimming for Seniors

Top 10 Reasons to Walk

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