Get enthusiastic about your 2017 retirement!

There are tons of tips for preparing financially for retirement released in the press this time of year. Here’s a good one, for example. But, after you’ve crossed all the i’s and t’s, it’s your level of preparedness and enthusiasm in four non-financial categories that will also determine your success in retirement. With that in mind, might we suggest some resolutions to improve your attitude about retirement in the coming year?

Health and Nutrition: Are you eating well and exercising enough to maintain optimal wellness and longevity? If not, resolve to improve your habits to ensure a vital and productive retirement. It bears repeating: Good health is the greatest wealth.

Self Identity: Outside of your workplace, do you “have a life” with emotional and intellectual pursuits that keep you firing on all cylinders? If not, resolve to try one thing this year that might fill the void once you retire. Think: Volunteering, mentoring, consulting, studying, teaching, counseling.

Personal relationships: Do you have a “tribe” of family and friends who can support, comfort and make you laugh when you need it? If not, resolve to mend broken or neglected relationships and make an effort to reconnect with old friends who once meant something to you.

Social: Again, outside of the office, do you have regular social activities available to you, such as wine tasting clubs, Bunco night or golf weekends? If not, resolve to get involved in one recurring social activity to combat isolation and loneliness during retirement.

Of course, retirement feasibility is largely about money….

Financial: Do you have a trusted professional in place to help you negotiate all the financial twists and turns in the road to retirement? If not, resolve to look into the possibility of getting help if you think you need it. Talk to friends and colleagues for recommendations.

By making – and keeping – these resolutions, you will greatly increase your enthusiasm and your chances for a happier second act. To find out how prepared and enthusiastic you are in each of the five key areas of retirement success, take our free readiness assessment today.

Happy New Year from all of us at Fit-T0-Retire!


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