How retirement can be like winning the lottery

Your retirement would look a lot different if you won tomorrow’s estimated 450 million dollar Powerball jackpot. Or, would it? If you won (and your odds of winning are almost, er, calculable) you’d probably want to start that retirement a little sooner than you planned. But, as far as how you would spend your time, it might not be much different at all. We don’t know first-hand, sadly, but we suspect big-time lottery winners start their retirement in the full-tilt pursuit of pleasure: Exotic vacations, second and third homes, new cars, clothes, jewels.  But, pleasure can only provide so much happiness in the long run. Eventually, there must be a sense of purpose for personal fulfillment: Establishing your legacy, helping your community, forging stronger friendships and family relationships. Whether you have 450 million or a number several decimal points smaller, we can help you plan a retirement with the perfect combination of pleasure and purpose. And, this time, the odds of winning are actually in your favor.  But, remember, you can’t win if you don’t prepare. Start here.




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