Retirement decisions from the female point of view

If you and your spouse have agreed on most major decisions during the course of your marriage, chances are good you’ll agree on how your retirement planning should go. At Fit-T0-Retire, we treat each partner as an individual throughout the 3-step process (Readiness Assessment, Pre-Retirement Checklist, 100-Day Playbook) but diligently work with a couple to make sure their interests and needs mesh to a large degree.

In many traditional marriages, the husband typically acts as spokesman for the couple, making decisions with the wife’s approval. Today’s story on Bloomberg suggests this isn’t the best approach.  Women live longer than men (52% of women between the ages of 75 and 84 are widowed) and, thus, have more to lose – or gain – as the years go on. Doesn’t it just make sense to let her make the calls?

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