Setting the date to take the leap

Some say an engagement isn’t official until there’s a ring and a date. The same could be said for retirement. Until you actually set a target date or, at least, decide on your ideal retirement age, the next phase of your life can hardly seem real.

But, what age is the right age for you? A recent study suggests that, for most Americans, it’s somewhere between 60 and 65. (In fact, the average retirement age in America, according to Gallup, is 62.)

If 50 is the new 30, and 60 is the new 40 (although we’ve never bought into that particular brand of new math), a 62 year-old is going to have the attitude of a 40-something, if not the physical body, in retirement. And, that’s just the point! At that age – and with high levels of preparedness and enthusiasm thanks to Fit-To-Retire readiness training – you can expect to make the most of your retirement for a good twenty years or so.

Even if 62 seems too young – or too old – pick a number (any number!) and take the time to wrap your head around it. Plug that number into our exclusive (and free) retirement readiness assessment and see how prepared AND enthusiastic you are about transitioning into your exciting new phase of life. Your date may change – forward or back – but by completing your Fit-To-Retire training, your confidence will surge ahead!


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