Should you super-size your digs in retirement?

While some baby boomers de-clutter and downsize for a smaller, lower-maintenance residence in retirement, others are – as George Jefferson would say – movin’ on up! Their motives? More space for the kids and grandkids to visit, additional room for entertaining or, quite simply, because they deserve it!  We see it happening here at Fit-To-Retire. Some clients complete the readiness assessment and find out that, when it comes to living space, more is more….especially if their priorities are getting friends and family together under one roof as often as possible. Once they identify upsizing as a goal to improve personal relationships, financial adjustments can be made to make it happen – by moving to a less expensive city or area of town – if necessary.

Thinking about making a move in retirement? Take our readiness assessment and find out how prepared and enthusiastic you are about the prospect. That’s the fun of Fit-To-Retire: Watching clients dream new dreams and helping them realize them. (We love our jobs!)

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