How to stay clear of “the home”

One of the biggest mistakes people make in retirement planning is to underestimate their longevity.  The best practice is to assume you’re going to outlive expectancies and plan accordingly. That said, nobody wants to live until they’re 100 but spend 20 years of that time in a nursing facility.

This story from Marketwatch outlines the biggest risk factors that might contribute to that scenario: dementia, loneliness and a sedentary lifestyle.

Research conducted in the last few decades has shown that we can prevent or put off the damages of dementia by keeping our minds and body as active as possible during middle age. Practices like meditation, taking a different route to work every day and a clean, healthy diet can help.

The brain and body suffer in isolation. We need people around us to stimulate our minds and hearts. That doesn’t mean everyone has to be a social butterfly. But having – and making time to be with – good friends from different walks of life can keep us ‘in the game’ and prevent debilitating disease.

Sitting is the new smoking. And, if you’re one of many Americans who drive to work, sit at a desk all day, then retreat to your recliner for “must-see TV” at night, you might want to consider adding more activity to your day to ward off heart disease and chronic pain. It might be a lunchtime walk, an after-work swim or salsa class….just keep moving!

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Your retirement should be lived on your own terms, not in a nursing home.

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