The high cost of smoking

At Fit-To-Retire, we’ve identified Health and Nutrition as one of the five areas of retirement success. Our mantra “Good health is the greatest wealth” is more than just a saying. It has solid numbers to back it up.  By one estimate, the average 65-year-old couple retiring today will need $220,000 (not factoring inflation) to cover medical expenses for the rest of their lives. That’s a hefty chunk of change! Good sense tells you the better your health, the less you’ll spend on medical care… leaving you more money to travel, go back to school, start a home business, whatever your healthy heart desires. Of course, not all medical bullets can be dodged. But, some absolutely can.

Take smoking, for example. According to the American Cancer Society, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is over six dollars while the health-related costs per smoker are a whopping $35 per pack.  Add up a couple month’s worth of smoking-related costs and you’ve got enough cash to finance a deep-sea fishing trip to the Keys!

Pre-retirement is the perfect time to take action to improve your health which, in turn, affects your quality of life, the quantity of years ahead and your net worth.

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