Wanted: Pre-retirees, all levels of ‘fitness’

We are excited to launch Generation 3 of our Fit-to-Retire readiness assessment survey. Now, we need YOUR help. As you may already know, FTR is a tool to be used by financial advisers to gauge a client’s readiness to retire in five categories: Financial, Health & Nutrition, Social, Personal Relationships and Self-Identity. It’s a cool program and it’s been a fun and fascinating challenge to perfect it.

What we need now are people, ages 55-65 – or older than 65 and still working – to take the assessment. It’s a simple survey (took us about ten minutes to complete) that’s accessible through this link. This is completely confidential and NO SALESPERSON OR ADVISER WILL CALL. You have our word on that. (The first page of the assessment will say that an adviser will follow up with you afterward, but please disregard that statement.) Your name and email address will not be forwarded to anyone else, either. This is simply to get a sampling of 200 or more assessments so we can do our psychometric validation testing.

What you WILL get is an evaluation of how prepared and enthusiastic you are about retirement in each of the five aforementioned areas….which may be helpful to you now or in the future. And, you will also get our heartfelt thanks.

If you could take the survey in the next day or so, that would be great. Also, if you have a friend/spouse/family member who fits the age range and might find this exercise interesting, please forward the link below to him or her. Again, no one will follow up and their names won’t go on any list. We just need the data.

Thanks for helping Fit-to-Retire be the best program it can be for our clients!
Here’s that link again, in case you missed it:

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