What’s your retirement personality type?

We’ve always been fascinated by personality type tests such as Myers-Briggs. It’s always helpful to have a handle on your unique set of preferences, perceptions and judgment. Certainly, your profile as an introvert or extrovert, intuitive or “senser”, thinker or “feeler” will have a lot to do with your approach to retirement.

Your Fit-To-Retire Readiness Assessment scores can give you added insight. For example, introverted clients may likely score low on Enthusiasm and Preparedness in the Social category. The idea of putting themselves “out there” to make new friends or initiate meet-ups with former colleagues may be enough to make them postpone retirement indefinitely.

“Feelers” may score High Enthusiasm but Low Preparedness under Self Identity. They might respond to anything that tugs on their heartstrings and jump into new commitments without thinking them through. That’s how some folks find themselves stretched too thin in the first year of retirement. (Tip: It’s okay to just say no!)

Our Fit-To-Retire coaches encourage clients to take a hard, honest look at themselves and ALL their personality traits before taking the assessment. The more you know about YOU, the more likely your retirement will be a smashing success!


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