The honeymoon’s over. What’s next?

In terms of transition, retirement is a lot like a marriage. First comes the big day when everyone’s attention is focused only on you. There are accolades, toasts. Maybe even cake and champagne.

Next, comes the heady and happy honeymoon stage when you are content (if not thrilled) just to be in the moment, celebrating your new life. You’re living it up –  traveling, wining and dining, sleeping till ten.

But then, reality sinks in and you realize adjustments and accommodations need to be made for this thing to work.

The honeymoon period typically lasts longer in retirement than it does in a marriage. But, eventually, it’s easy to become disillusioned or overwhelmed by your ‘new normal.’ Unless you have a plan.

Our Fit-to-Retire coaches know all about the possible pitfalls of retirement. That’s why they help you plan for the five essential areas of retirement success: Self identity, Social, Health & Nutrition, Personal Relationships and, of course, Financial.  After taking the Fit-To-Retire assessment, your coach will meet with you to discuss your scores and create your PreRetirement Checklist. (Think of it as premarital counseling.) At the end of the process, you’ll receive your personalized Retirement Playbook with enough ideas and resources to see you through even the rockiest times.

Let’s face it, you could be retired for 25-30 years. (That’s a lot longer than some marriages we’ve seen.) Don’t go into it blindly. Take our complimentary readiness assessment today and start planning to live happily ever after.


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