Clear the clutter sooner rather than later

Though we’re a good 3 -5 years from retirement, my husband and I are preparing to downsize. The process started with the sale of our son’s old Jeep yesterday and will culminate in an epic garage sale in three weeks.

To say we’re in purge mode would be a gross understatement. Having participated in the months-long ordeal of downsizing our mothers’ respective homes, we’ve learned earlier is better when it comes to paring down. We’re ready to clear out the clutter – from the attic, garage and garden shed… tabletops and shelves… drawers, cabinets and closets… even the walls. ┬áThis will be a cold and calculating jettison, 100% bereft of nostalgia. (At least, that’s the plan.)

What’s motivating us is not only the light at the end of the attic, but the knowledge that when the time comes to relocate, we will be nimble enough to go without a lot of assistance from our kids. ┬áSure, it might take another round of purging – another sale, perhaps – but the heavy lifting will be done.

This is precisely the goal of the Fit-To-Retire Readiness Roadmap: To get the heavy lifting done so you can be as nimble as possible in retirement. Taking the time to plan your future in five critical areas – self identity, health and nutrition, personal relationships, social and financial – can declutter your psyche and give you enormous peace of mind.

It starts with our exclusive readiness assessment, which you can take for free in about eight minutes. That’ll leave you plenty of time to start cleaning out the attic.

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