Get your head out of the sand before you plan!

We love sand. Especially on a sunny beach this time of year. Soft, warm and fun to build things with, sand is comforting, fluffy and, the occasional dead jellyfish notwithstanding, lovely to look at.

Except when your head is up to its neck in it.

Because that’s the position lots of folks assume when confronted by the idea of retirement planning. They ignore it, hoping it will go away. After all, it’s overwhelming to predict the next two or three decades of your life.  It’s not like we have personal psychics on retainer. And, if even if we could predict the future, would we have any idea how much that future would cost?

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be something to hide from. The key is breaking it down into baby steps. And, the first step is finding out where you are right now.

What are your hopes, dreams, goals for retirement? 

  • Funding your grandchildren’s college education?
  • Leaving a large legacy to your favorite charity?
  • Buying a condo in the city? A cottage by the beach?
  • Getting in shape to hike the Grand Canyon?
  • Becoming a certified sommelier?

And what are your greatest fears when it comes to retiring?

  • Outliving your money?
  • Putting strain on your marriage?
  • Losing touch with your colleagues and friends?
  • Boredom?
  • Getting too sick to do what you’ve always wanted to do?

That’s what the Fit-To-Retire Readiness Assessment is all about – determining how prepared and enthusiastic you are about retirement and what you can do to address your issues of concern.

So, pull your head out of the sand and take the assessment today.  It’s free. And, your neck will feel a whole lot better.


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