4 More Reasons to Get Healthy for Retirement

There’s a lot of “sky is falling” retirement news out there. We don’t indulge much of it here because Fit-To-Retire is all about planning to make the most of this exciting, rewarding and positive phase of life.

Ah, but that pesky reality rears its ugly head from time to time and we can’t just ignore it. Take health care costs, for example. They’re unpredictable and potentially devastating (this story explains four ways the worst could happen,) especially if we don’t start taking better care of ourselves right now.

You know, things like getting regular check-ups and screenings. (Yes, even the ones that make us cringe.) Seeing the dentist on a regular basis. (Did you know Medicare doesn’t cover dentures?) Making sure we get regular exercise and staying away from fast food.  Stretching. (Very important for aging muscle tissue. Take our word for it.) Taking all medications as prescribed.

If we do these little things now, we’ll decrease – or, at least, delay – our chances of having high healthcare costs derail our retirement plans.

Make a list today of what you need to do to improve your health status. And don’t forget to stretch. We can’t emphasize that enough.




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