What’s on your ‘what if’ list?

Forget about buckets. Bucket lists are so five minutes ago. Try making a list of retirement ‘what ifs’ as if the possibilities were only limited by your imagination. To wit:

What if money were no concern? Where would I want to live? What places would I travel? What would I do with my days… and nights?

What if my health was 100%? What sports would I play? What hobbies would I try? What adventures would I seek?

What if my personal relationships were all rewarding and full?  What would I do with the people I love? How would we spend our time together? What would we talk about?

What if I knew exactly the kind of person I wanted to be in retirement? What would I do to serve my purpose? How would I derive self satisfaction? How would I give to others?

What if my social life was busy and fun?  How would I spend time with my new friends? What would to do sustain long-term friendships?

Chances are, money is concern for you. Your health probably can stand improvement. Some of your relationships may be a bit lacking. And your social life ebbs and flows depending on your mood.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make everything better before you retire. Start with the Fit-To-Retire Readiness Assessment and find out how you score in all five areas of retirement success. Then, let a certified FTR coach help you answer the question: What if?





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