A custom-tailored retirement

One of our biggest pet peeves about the fashion industry is: One Size Fits All. Why? Because it’s simply not true. How could it be with the endless variety of shapes and sizes in the general population?

The same goes for retirement. There’s no “One Size Fits All” here, either. Successful retirement has to be a custom fit. Like an Italian gabardine wool suit, made to order. Think about what goes into a beautiful, custom-made garment. You need the right style and materials, accurate measurements, personal touches, plus a skilled and reputable tailor to make sure it fits from every angle.

That’s exactly what theĀ Fit-To-RetireĀ® Readiness Roadmap does. It customizes your retirement to fit like a glove and give you years of wear in style.

Why would you want a retirement that’s ‘off the rack’?

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