Retiring with purpose

Finding fulfillment in retirement can be tricky.

Most of us already know we can’t wait to spend more time enjoying family and friends, traveling or perfecting that golf game. But will that be enough?

Taking time for reflection or prayer and planning can help you anticipate retirement with more enthusiasm. You might even want to write personal mission statements for the three stages of retirement, Go-Go, Slow-Go and No-Go.

Try considering the following questions. How can I improve my community, country or world? What kind of legacy do I want to leave? How will people remember me?

Volunteering is one way to make an impact. Here’s a great article that can help you identify your passions, offers suggestions for finding the right match and lists organizations that can get you plugged right in.

You may want to forge into a whole new territory by starting a new business, forming a non-profit or competing on a national level in your favorite sport.

Once you have your goals in mind, there are all kinds of organizations that provide resources, inspiration and opportunities to help you find purpose and fulfill your dreams in life’s next phase. Here are a few to help you get started:

Life Reimagined

Senior Games

United Way

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