In retirement, don’t be that guy!

There seems to be a new “happiness study” coming out every few months. To be honest, sometimes they make us roll our eyes and say, “How can you measure happiness? It’s too subjective!” Then, we read more about it and end up coming away with one or two “a-ha” tidbits that help us work with our clients.

To wit, a recent study measuring happiness commensurate to wealth isn’t really that surprising. Yes, people with more wealth tend to be happier, but only to a point. And that point, they’ve determined, is between $100,000 and $125,000 income per year.

What’s news in this study is that older people tend to be happier than young people. 14 times happier, if they’re over 65. Wow! Maybe it’s time to rethink the stereotype of the old cranky guy yelling, “Get off my lawn!!”

According to the study, other predictors of happiness are traveling frequently, eating healthily, volunteering and managing your finances well.  Those suggestions – and more like them – can be found on the pages of every Fit-To-Retire client’s 100-Day Playbook, their customized guide to the first 100 days of a wonderful retirement.

You might call our certified coaches “happiness experts.” And, you’ll never hear a Fit-To-Retire client yelling, “Get off my lawn!”


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