What’s really at the root of “Retirement resistance?”

Clients give us all kinds of reasons why they’re reluctant to retire:

My wife doesn’t want me around all day.

I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Are you kidding? Work is my life.

The company would fold without me.

I can’t afford to retire. (When they clearly can.)

The truth is – with the possible exception of No. 1 – the main reason behind the excuses is they don’t want to be old.  To feel old. To be perceived as old. To act old.

For some of us, “retired” has become synonymous with “elderly.” And, thanks to The Who, whose “My Generation” became a counterculture theme song, “Hope I die before I get old” is how some baby boomers actually feel.

Again, it’s about changing our mindset (something boomers are famous for) and adjusting our attitude.

Take a peek inside a Fit-To-Retire client’s 100-Day Playbook (the ‘roadmap’ for the first 1oo days of retirement) and you’ll see a list of suggested activities that look something like this:

Hire a personal trainer

Hike the Pacific Coast Trail

Enroll in spin classes

Sign up for the Peace Corps

Book a week at Sonoma Wine Camp

Do those things scream “old” to you?






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