Preventing the pitfalls of retirement

Let’s be honest. Even with Boy Scout-level preparation, retirement won’t be a cake walk every single day. We guarantee there will be setbacks, those “what have I done?” moments that hit when you least expect it. Times when you look at the calendar and realize, “Oh, this is when our department used to hit Starbucks for our weekly planning meeting. I miss those guys.. and the macchiatos.”

There are very real challenges most retirees face, from time to time, although few people talk about them: Regret, boredom, that feeling of not earning your keep. (Did you know some early retirees actually feel guilty receiving disbursements from their 401Ks?) Work, as we know, is a huge contributor to one’s self worth and sense of purpose. But, purpose and self esteem don’t have to end with one’s career.

It’s really just a matter of being productive in other ways to the degree that suits you. Maybe you’d like to work part-time or tutor a student-athlete. Perhaps, you’d rather spend your mornings at Starbucks planning your first novel or join a neighborhood walking group.

The beauty of the Fit-To-Retire program – Readiness Assessment, Pre-Retirement Checklist and 100-Day Playbook – is that it gives you all kinds of options to choose from. And, choice gives you a sense of control.

When you feel productive and in control, retirement is a great place to be. And, don’t forget the¬†macchiatos once in a while.

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