Back to the commune?

We have to admit there are times when a commune would come in handy: On Saturdays, when the yard work has been piling up all week… on Thanksgiving when your oven is big enough only for the turkey… or after a snowstorm when the driveway needs to be cleared. And, every so often, it would be fun to join a chorus of Kumbaya in front of the fireplace, don’t you think?

This story in Huffington Post suggests baby boomers may be headed back to communal living, albeit with better clothes and bedding.

We say, right on! Forms of communal living – whether with like-minded friends or multi-generations of families – tick all the right boxes under Fit-To-Retire’s five categories of financial success:

Financial security: Sharing expenses means a bigger nest egg

Health and nutrition: Dieting and exercise is easier using the ‘buddy system’

Personal relationships: There’s nothing that deepens a relationship more than sharing a bathroom

Self-identity: Living and working for the greater good. Not a bad way to be.

Social: The more, the merrier!

Of course, communal living might not be for everyone. But, a communal approach to life (i.e. more pot luck suppers and group vacations) can enrich your retirement immensely.

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