Where football fans go to retire

Blogger’s disclaimer: Of football, I am a fair weather fan, at best. And, the weather around my team of choice has been dismal for years. I write this as a public service. My heart isn’t really in it. (But my husband’s sure is. )

Lots of folks spent a good part of their fall weekends watching football Рhigh school, college, pro, even Pee-Wee. There is enough action on gridirons across the country to please every fan. Not to mention football of the fantasy variety.  (Again, not me. But, I digress.)

According to a Harris poll last year, pro football continues to be the No. 1 most popular sport in America. College football is No. 3, after Major League Baseball at the #2 spot. Then comes auto racing, pro basketball, men’s soccer and college basketball. (This makes no sense to me. What’s not to love about college basketball? How else do you survive the winter?)

These stats might explain why someone thought to compile this list of the Top 10 Retirement Cities for Football Fans¬†, presented to you without further editorial comment (although I can’t help but wonder what my fellow football widows will think about this.)

At Fit-To-Retire, we believe everyone should follow their passion in retirement. Because if you’re doing what you love with money you’ve worked hard to earn, it’s always a win-win…no matter what the score. Just be sure your significant other is onboard, too.

Want to find out how your retirement dreams compare with your spouse’s? Take our free readiness assessment together but separately and compare your scores. This may require some serious post-game analysis.

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