Be a STAR in retirement!

Late night TV host David Letterman is retiring this month after three-plus decades in show business. Episodes leading up to his finale on May 20 have featured big Hollywood stars, funny flashbacks and waves of nostalgia. Letterman plans to happily go from super-stardom to relative obscurity by spending more time with his family on his Montana ranch. We don’t begrudge Dave a second of his well-earned time out of the spotlight. But, what if the reverse could be true for us average Joes and Janes? What if retirement affords the unsung heroes – people who have toiled for years in behind-the-scenes careers – an opportunity to shine?

A mortgage banker becomes a leading lady, acting in her local community theater.

A marketing executive becomes a star mentor for Future Business Leaders of America.

An attorney shines as a volunteer for the local Legal Aid office.

There’s no rule that says retirees have to go away, never to be seen or heard from again. You’re never too old to let your light shine, especially when you’re doing what you love.


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