“Been there, done that” advice

Most of us seek input from family and friends before making major life decisions: Buying a home or a car, selecting a good doctor, choosing the right employer and booking a vacation destination come immediately to mind.

Wouldn’t it make sense to talk to your already-retired friends as you approach retirement, too?

By talking to others about their personal experiences, you can greatly expand your newbie perspective. Some stories will be rousing endorsements (“I’m having the time of my life! Who knew Pickleball could be so much fun!”); others will be cautionary tales. (“Don’t get me wrong. I love my grandkids. But, give me a break already!”) There’s something to learn from positive and negative accounts, including ideas to try and what NOT to do.

Think of it as a kind of due diligence. Research and development, if you must. But, keep in mind that your definition of happiness and fulfillment is unique. What works for the Pickleball lover, may bore you to tears. And, you may actually adore spending every minute of every day with little Jack, Jill and Junior.

When you’re ready, take the Fit-T0-Retire Readiness Assessment and let one of our certified FTR coaches help customize the ideal retirement for you. Then, you can advise other retirement newbies and pay all that wisdom and experience forward.

‘Cool the way that works, isn’t it?




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