We’ve got a preposition for you.

The controversial, modernist American pastor, Harry Emerson Fosdick, once said, “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.

What a difference one little word makes. One preposition – from or to – can shape your entire attitude about retirement….not to mention the message you project to others about yourself.  Imagine you’re attending a big, social gathering a few weeks after your first day of retirement. You’re introduced to someone new who asks, “And, what do you do?”

In FROM mode, you might say:  “I’m a retired dentist,” “I recently retired from Bank One,” or  “I just retired after 42 years with the same company.”

But, in TO mode, your answer is more exciting: “I mentor start-up entrepreneurs at the Small Business Center,” I’m a full-time grandmother and part-time world traveler,” or “I just retired to a life of crime….I mean, volunteering.”

See the difference? By, retiring to – not from – something, you’re in a positive new mindset that you’ll convey to others.

The trick is finding the right things to retire to… for you! That’s where Fit-To-Retire comes in. By completing the Readiness Assessment, Pre-Retirement Checklist and 100-Day Playbook with help from your certified FTR coach, you can retire to an engaging and fulfilling new life.


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