Bright lights, big city!

This story in US News today underscores all the things we love about big cities like New York, Chicago and Kansas City, Fit-To-Retire’s home: Cultural events and attractions galore, walkable neighborhoods with all the desired amenities and services, public transportation, urban energy and diversity, educational opportunities, restaurants, shopping and more!

As the “silver tsunami” of baby boomers sweeps onto the shores of retirement, many will shun the retirement communities (however lovely) on the outskirts of town and head “downtown” where the action is.  If you’re one of those planning an exodus from the suburbs in retirement, start doing your homework now! Take the Fit-To-Retire readiness assessment and see how prepared and enthusiastic you are to relocate and make the most of your new urban environment.  Your certified Fit-To-Retire coach is ready to help you reach all your goals in the bright lights, big city!






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