“A month of Saturdays”

Once in a while, we hear retirement defined as a “month of Saturdays.”

To the Type B’s among us, it sounds like a dream, at first. Sleeping late, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, perhaps a round of golf or an errand or two. Maybe the kids will drop by, maybe a movie later, dinner out someplace.  Or not. That’s the thing about Saturdays. They’re supposed to be loose and unstructured.  There’s no real sense of purpose except to get a little R and R, putter around the house and close the week on an up-note.

That is, unless you’re a Weekend Warrior. These Type A’s embrace Saturday, squeezing it within an inch of its life. Up at dawn for a 10-mile run or a spin class, hop over to the grandkids’ soccer game, meet old college pals for brunch, then an afternoon of pruning rose bushes, reseeding the lawn, cleaning the garage and washing both cars by hand. At night, it’s the new 5-star restaurant downtown followed by that must-see play at the arts center.

Imagine a whole month of Saturdays in each scenario: Without structure, the Type Bs wander aimlessly from one day to the next, while the Type A’s flame out early in a blaze of accomplishment.  Now, consider that a person is likely to spend 20-30 years in retirement (or 240-360 months of Saturdays) and you’ll see the problem.

The goal of a certified Fit-To-Retire coach is to create a retirement plan – customized for each client no matter what their type – that is as sustainable as it is stimulating, as purposeful as it is pleasurable. The key is to balance the five areas of retirement success: Health and nutrition, personal relationships, self identity, social and, of course, financial.

It all starts with the readiness assessment, our exclusive psychometrically designed survey that measures how prepared and enthusiastic you are about retirement in each of the five areas. It only takes about 8 minutes to complete, yet the insights it provides will help you turn those “months of Saturdays” into an exciting, stress-free new phase of life.

Start today.  Take the free assessment now. 

And enjoy your weekend!









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